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Each of my clients is different and so are their needs, especially when it comes to an online presence. What I deliver or how I can help you digitally is based on your business, where you are on your journey and your goals.

I can plan, design, build and manage the implementation of a new website, refresh and improve an existing website, create and manage email campaigns and produce digital content. See more detail about how I can help your business below.

I provide the complete end-to-end service from website design to build and launch. From information architecture, user profiles, website design, as well as the website build and hosting. Most website requirements can be met by Wordpress which is the most popular and powerful website build and content management system (CMS) around. With almost limitless design and customisation options, we can create a website completely customised to your business and brand.

For particularly complex websites or advanced technical requirements I may call upon one of my trusted UK based partners so you get the benefit of their extensive technical knowledge and experience. However should I use one of my partners for the website build, I remain as the point of contact throughout the project, instructing the developer and acting as your voice in terms of requirements, quality control and providing continuous input into the build through to implementation.

All websites I work on are built with SEO in mind. When capturing your website content I provide guidance and advice on writing effective meta descriptions and content for your users and search engines. I also build websites to SEO best practices, building certain elements of your website in a particular way so that search engines are able to crawl and understand the content and structure of your website.

However, the content of a page is what makes it worthy of a search result position, and therefore plays a vital role in how easily people are able to find you. If you need help writing your web content, I can put you in touch with some superb highly experienced copywriters.

I also work with SEO and PPC specialists who can take your SEO to the next level and predominantly help with your offsite SEO.

For website domains and hosting, I offer a fully managed solution so in addition to the server space, you get the required technical updates, added security and protection, 24/7 service monitoring, backups, commitment to service levels and can even include monthly content updates all for a fixed monthly cost.

I also work with an amazing IT professional who can help set-up professional email accounts and advise on the best email provider and platform to use.

If you have an existing website that is in need for a refresh, isn’t performing or requires updating, I can help by conducting a thorough review of your site and provide recommendations for improvement. I can also carry out improvements on your existing website, although the level of changes I’m able to make is dependent on your current website provider and set-up.

I can help, whether you just need some advice on how to go about creating and managing email campaigns, or you want me to design and create a customisable email template for you, or you’d like me to design and manage every aspect of your email campaigns.

I can produce a variety of digital content to support and enable your digital and/or social media activity, from creative concepts, designs, interactive infographics, downloadable white papers to a suite of branded Canva templates.

Part of my digital process includes capturing content for your website or campaign. I provide prompts on writing content for the web and email, and guidance on optimising content for search purposes. I may also make suggestions after receiving your content especially when it comes to headings, subject titles, or the content formatting, however I’m not able to write the content for you as sadly copywriting is not one of my strengths!

If you need some help writing your content I work with some fabulous copywriters, each with specialisms in different sectors, so I can put you in touch with the people who can bring your words to life.

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Whether you have clearly defined requirements and know exactly what you’re looking for, or you don’t have a clue what to start, just give me a shout and we can take it from there.