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Clockwork Creative’s books are currently closed to new clients. Our team is fully dedicated to serving our existing clients with their ongoing projects. Thank you for your continued support and loyalty.



Whether you’re a small business who recognises the value of building a brand, or you're an established business looking to create a new visual identity that aligns with your vision, we can help.

We’re super passionate about branding. We know building a brand is far more than just designing a logo and an identity, and we love collaborating with businesses who understand the power of branding. Establishing a brand includes who you are, where you’re going, your target audience and position in the market. Branding creates an expectation and you need to deliver consistently every time anyone interacts with your brand across all your touchpoints. We understand how to apply branding across all channels and our service is based on creating a brand that resonates with your audience, and demonstrates its values and personality in every interaction. 


Here’s how we approach helping businesses get the most from their brands…



After agreeing the project scope and deliverables to help you achieve your goals, the next phase is about getting to know you better. Through the use of a branding workbook or workshop we look to really understand your business value proposition, your ideals, audiences and visual preferences.

02. Brand positioning + messaging

Understanding who you serve, what you offer, why it matters and how it’ll be experienced is really important to positioning your business and producing a consistent message. If you’re not sure about your brand position, we can help you build an elevator pitch and define a brand message that knits everything together.


Once we have a clear brand strategy, we’ll create a range of moodboards that reflect the brand created up to this point. Your selected moodboard will help to set the visual direction your brand will take. You’ll receive 3-4 logo and visual identity concepts along with mockups of the logo designs in situ. We’ll then refine your preferred concept.

04. Brand positioning + messaging

After refining the concepts through to agreeing the final designs, you’ll receive your new brand identity that resonates with customers and encapsulates your values and personality. You’ll also have all the files you need and guidelines to help you apply your branding consistently.


Project deliverables are very much based on client needs which is why we don’t offer set brand packages. However to give you a rough idea this is the typical output from a brand project:

+ Brand discovery questionnaire/workbook or workshop.
+ Brand development including moodboards and brand identity concepts through to final design.
+ Brand identity definition and assets including brand personality, a full logo suite in various file formats (main logo, submark and alternate variations), colour palette and imagery recommendations.
+ A brand guidelines document to help you apply your new brand consistently. This can range from 8-10 pages to over a hundred depending on project scope and the level of detail needed.
+ Any brand collateral items that have been agreed.

Investment: starts at £2,000*

Timeline: Approx 3 months

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*dependent on project scope and deliverables