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RH20 Studio Logo Signage Design

RH20 Studio is a brand new West Sussex based fitness studio. Focusing on strength training to help people become fitter, healthier and stronger, RH20 Studio is owned by 3 fitness professionals with 20+ years of experience between them. Having worked with one of the co-founders as their client, I have first hand experience in their commitment to creating a strong dedicated fitness community.


Working with the team to understand their desired market position, target audience and what RH20 Studio represents, this formed the basis of their brand strategy and we began to define the brand personality and set the visual direction of the brand. After creating some initial logo designs, they identified the design that immediately felt right and represented the brand personality and values. I then created a brand board providing details of the key visual elements to help them achieve brand consistency across all of their materials in the future.


I’m really excited about the fitness community RH20 Studio will be building and the work they’ll be doing, and wish them all the very best and success for the future.

RH20 Studio Logo Design

Thanks Debbie, the logo and branding came out better than I could’ve imagined by myself. I’d highly recommend Debbie for anyone needing help with branding, well worth it!

RH20 Studio Brand Design Guidelines
RH20 Studio Logo Design