LENA Space

LENA Space is a unique and specialist company providing rocket engine systems to the emerging UK and EU commercial launch sector for access to space. I have worked with LENA Space for a number of years, assisting with their brand strategy, developing their brand identity and editing their website.

Most recently we embarked on replacing their old website with a newly designed, professional, responsive and more engaging website incorporating video. After discussing their website goals, I proposed a new information architecture, a design in the form of rough wireframes and a LENA Space YouTube channel to host their videos. Once the approach was agreed and the content supplied, I produced high fidelity mockups to the guys at LENA for their approval before the build of the website began.

The new Wordpress website was built, tested and successfully delivered. I really look forward to continuing to work with LENA Space on their mission, check out their new website.

Deliverables Brand identity
Brand strategy
Bespoke website design
Website build
Marketing consultancy

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