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London Pipefitting website design on laptop

Having worked with the guys at London Pipefitting previously to create their branding, we were thrilled when they got back in touch needing our help. The team wanted a simple brochureware website as an online home for London Pipefitting. Their objective was to create a website that demonstrated the team’s skills, experience and credibility when potential new clients looked them up online. 


We mapped user needs and key user tasks to design the website information architecture and help the team write website content. We then set about creating static home page designs to help the team visualise their new website. After approval of the home page designs we started building the website and created designs and layouts for the sub-pages to best present the content provided. A thorough review and full testing was then carried out on the draft website before the new website then went live. 


London Pipefitting website design desktop
London Pipefitting website design on mobile