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Kora website home page design on iMac on desk

Kora Coaching and Therapy is a new therapeutic practice founded by highly experienced coach and therapist, Fiona Stimson. Fiona founded Kora after her own experiences with grief and chronic illness, having empowered herself to wellness. Kora offers a bespoke coaching and therapeutic experience that marries integrative and evidence based techniques including, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness, NLP and CBT, grounded within a holistic and nature connected, sensorial experience.


It was really important to Fiona that the Kora website not only perfectly reflected the brand styling and experience, but that it also “felt” like Kora. The website needed to feel soft, warm, caring and welcoming, as well as deliver a great user experience, Fiona wanted to achieve what felt like a natural flow of information down the page. Creating a visual flow felt like quite a break away from the common tabular style approach due to needing to be responsive, but we weren’t put off by the challenge! Using clever bespoke design and by creating custom graphics, we delivered a website that felt like Kora and were able to avoid the feeling of ‘blocks’.


The Kora proposition will be extended and developed further in 2023, however the first website iteration promoting the initial service offering, successfully went live at the end of 2022. We wish Fiona all the success in the world with her new venture. Visit the new Kora website.

Kora website design - home page on macbook and branded poster
Kora Website design - subpage on iPhone sitting on notepad on desk
Kora Website design - subpage on iPad sitting on sofa