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Aspens charities Aspens Fest

Aspens charities event poster design

Aspens charities provide high quality care and support to people on the autism spectrum and with learning disabilities and their families. The incredible family support team were hosting a virtual festival and approached use to put together an event logo, themed graphics and promotional materials. 


It was great to work with the team to create a buzz around Aspens Fest and encourage people to attend the virtual festival during the pandemic. After creating the Aspens Fest logo, we created a custom graphics and a visual theme that was then used across all of the promotional and event materials, this included a poster, flyer, event timetable and programme and a competition information sheet. 


We love the fantastic work they do at Aspens and really look forward to continuing to work with their wonderful team. 

Aspens fest event logo design
Aspens fest event timetable programme design

"THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! We are literally so so so so so grateful to you for all your efforts... Love it all - thank vou - you really have made our dreams come to life."